S E A H O R S E . E A R R I N G S


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A favourite from the Siren collection; inspired by ancient obsessions with mythological fish-tailed beasts, and celebrating girlhood fairytale fantasies & 20th century Mermaid carnival exhibits & aqua shows. 

Seahorses were traditionally a common good luck charm amongst Italian sailors, & have fascinated divers & aquarium-goers for centuries. In these original Rosita Bonita illustrations they have horse-like heads, representing the hippocampi - trusty leaders of Poseidon's chariot in tales from ancient Greece. 

A pair of seahorses are cut from smooth coloured leather, embossed by hand with shiny metallic gold foil, & hung from shiny gold-plated shell adorned leverback hooks.

Lightweight statement earrings to turn heads.



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