a little about Rosita Bonita...

I'd love to take a moment to introduce myself if I may, & tell you a little about where your new favourite piece of jewellery comes from.

My name is Rowenna. I am designer, maker & everything else here at Rosita Bonita.  

I make show-stopping, head-turning, lovingly handcrafted pieces of wearable art for you to treasure & to make you feel glamorous & unstoppable.
It all began way back in the Spring of 2010, as some experiments in screen-printing my illustrations on leather - the delicate drawings of bounteous fruits, blooming blossom & feasting hummingbirds became my first collection, Orchard, and a brand was born.
A life long love of drawing and making have equiped me with a unique visual language, teamed with an experimental and hands-on approach to materials and techniques, which have forged Rosita Bonita a distinct and alluring identity, charming customers, press & stockists ever since.
Inspiration comes from glamorous fantasies of past times & faraway lands, & encompasses icons of folklore, myth & legend, along with the joys of discovering & playing with the physical properties of the materials themselves, & stretching their possibilities. With these influences Rosita Bonita gives you striking tactile statement jewellery,
which is at once nostalgic & novel.
Original illustrations are screen-printed or foil-embossed onto fine leathers (or plant based alternatives) & carefully assembled, and hand-sculpted models are cast in recycled eco Sterling silver and transformed in to beautiful, collectable treasures to adorn & delight.
Since day one I was keen to break away from the high-turnover, seasonal model of the fashion world that was the expected norm, long before there was talk of “slow fashion”. Making each piece to order, by hand, there was no reason to discontinue older collections as I created new ones. As such there are still ever-green pieces from my back catalogue available to order. However, after 13 years, this did become a little overwhelming, so recently I have been slowly editing down older collections to a classic core of my (and your) very favourite pieces,
whilst freeing myself up to concentrate on new & exciting work.
Each piece of Rosita Bonita jewellery is lovingly hand-crafted in my sunny studio, in the lovely seaside town of Margate in the south of England, where I moved to 6 years ago from London, with the great loves of my life: a very special man and two beautiful black & white cats, and where I found & have been slowly renovating my dream home.
I always love to hear from you, so if you have any questions, or feedback you’d like to share, do get in touch.