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Rosita Bonita

P E G A S U S . B R O O C H E S

P E G A S U S . B R O O C H E S

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 * * * Please note all items are lovingly handmade to order. Please allow 1-5 working days for this to be post-ready * * *  

The iconic winged stallion of greek mythology, Pegasus was said to be the son of Poseidon, God of the sea, and the infamous snake-tressed Medusa. Pegasus carried thunderbolts & lightening from mount Olympus, under orders from the mighty Zeus, and to honour his service was immortalised as a constellation.

The Bonita Pegasus is part Greek Myth, part 70's Psych Rock cover art, and part Swift Wind (She-Ra's flying steed)

Symbolic of wisdom and fame, and a muse to poets throughout the ages, these are mythical beasts to inspire!

A hand-drawn Rosita Bonita illustration of Pegasus flying through the starry sky is printed on to smooth, thick laser-cut leather  in shiny gold, or shimmery holographic foil.

Available in pure white, black, dappled pastel pink or blue. Please note: the pastel Pegasuses are hand dyed, so might look slightly different from the photos.

Approxl 60mm wide





Care Instructions

Each piece of Rosita Bonita jewellery is handmade with much love and care, and we want it to stay looking it’s very best for you.

To help with this please take care to avoid getting your jewels wet, and limit exposure to moisturisers and perfumes.

Keep them in their original packaging when you’re not wearing them, especially if you are lucky enough to live in a hot & humid environment.

This applies to all pieces - whether Leather, Plant Based, or Gold Vermeil.

The chains & findings we use on all leather & plant-based pieces are gold plated and will lose their shiny plating with wear. If at any point you would like these to be renewed, or if your pieces become damaged, they can usually be returned for repair for a small fee, but please do contact us first.

We hope you and your new rosita bonita jewellery will be very happy together.

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