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Part of my P L A N T - B A S E D range, this piece is made using materials specially chosen to feel just as luxuriously tactile, lightweight & easy to wear as my Leather Jewels.

This Special mini collection was designed to perfectly accessorise Trashy Diva's new Cinderella Print.

You will see Glass Slippers, Princely Palaces, Pumpkin Carriages, Prancing Ponies & Little Birds from the classic fairy tale. Here they are printed & hand painted on to pretty coin pendants & accented with twinkling stars.

The beautifully soft but durable surface is made from natural wood fibres, sourced from responsibly managed forests. This is mounted to a strong but lightweight base of eco-friendly bamboo. All products I use to colour, construct & finish these pieces are free of any animal derivatives and, to the best of my knowledge & research, have never been tested on animals.

Coins 22mm diameter.

Wood pulp textile, bamboo, gold plated brass. 

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