T O K E N S . O F . A F F E C T I O N . C H A R M . N E C K L A C E S


We currently have 9 available to order.

* * * Please note all items are lovingly handmade to order. Please allow 1-5 working days for this to be post-ready * * *  

This new seasonal collection is an ode to expressions of endearment. 

Romantic notions of the Victorian era, as seen in Valentines cards, and sentimental keepsakes, now find new form in decoupaged leather ensembles.

Symbols of friendship, peace, love, and romance abound. This collection of charm necklaces combine romantic roses & forget-me-nots, pure red love hearts and envelopes of sweet tidings.

Choose your favourite, or wear the full set.

Each necklace measures 41.5cm, including the clasp.

When you buy 2 or 3 necklaces, you will get extender chains to attach, to create a staggered swag effect.

The charms are all hand crafted from fine leathers, and hung from gold plated brass chain.

Whether to celebrate romantic love, or loving friendship, may this piece bring joy to your heart!


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