A L L . S E E I N G . E Y E . E A R R I N G S


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Dazzling gold Pyramids of firm black saddlery leather are foil-embossed with mystic all-seeing eyes, & hung from gold plated leverback hooks.

pyramid approx 6cm high, with hanging ring.

The Eye Symbol was used in Ancient Egypt as symbol of protection, royal power and good health, & is used widely to this day, from the Middle East to the Mediterranean, to ward off the evil eye.

Combining the power of a triangle, or pyramid, with the image of an eye, this amulet is intended to help protect you against curses such as the Evil Eye. An eye within a triangle is also a powerful representation of divine omnipotence and power, known as the All Seeing Eye. The result is a potent talisman & an aid in all manner of magic!




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