Is Nickel present in hooks, chains & and findings?

 Not a quick & easy answer, so please read on...

 All my designs are made with gold plated base metal (brass) findings, as standard, although I have this listing for sterling silver, 9ct gold, and gold plated alternatives, which can be added to your order.


 My supplier says there will be trace elements (of Nickel in the Brass), but it conforms  to regulations. There are Nickel traces in nearly every metal, but it  has  to be under a certain amount to meet regulations.

 The same can also apply to sterling silver . "Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver alloyed with copper. In some cases of sterling silver, a small percentage of other metals may be in the mix so traces of nickel may be present.

 ...and also the gold-plated sterling silver option, as silver generally has to be first plated with a thin layer of copper (which may contain a certain amount of nickel) to allow the gold plating to adhere better.

 18 and 24 carat gold do not contain any nickel, so can safely be worn by even the most sensitive of ears, but  9 carat gold can contain traces of nickel.

 I only keep 9ct gold hooks & studs in stock, as most of my customers with sensitive ears are happy with these, and obviously 18ct or 24ct will be significantly more expensive, but I can order them in specially if desired. Please contact me to arrange if needed.