P E G A S U S . E A R R I N G S


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The iconic winged stallion of greek mythology, Pegasus was said to be the son of Poseidon, God of the sea, and the infamous snake-tressed Medusa. Pegasus carried thunderbolts & lightening from mount Olympus, under orders from the mighty Zeus, and to honour his service was immortalised as a constellation.

The Bonita Pegasus is part Greek Myth, part 70's Psych Rock cover art, and part Swift Wind (She-Ra's flying steed)

Symbolic of wisdom and fame, and a muse to poets throughout the ages, these are mythical beasts to inspire!

A hand-drawn Rosita Bonita illustration of Pegasus flying through the starry sky is printed on to smooth, thick laser-cut leather  in shiny gold, or shimmery holographic foil.

Available in pure white, black, dappled pastel pink or blue. Please note: the pastel Pegasuses are hand dyed, so might look slightly different from the photos.

Leather medallion - 60mm x 60mm

Total drop 98mm, including hook.

each earring weighs 9.3g

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