Collection: WILD PALMS

Wild Palms is an homage to the luxurious leaves of palm trees, and their innate and enduring allure. Glamorous 1930s resorts, with their Tropical Deco architecture, & the beautifully hewn travel posters that drew joyful crowds to them, inspire forms & lend their names.‘30s & ‘40s beach fashion, Hollywood regency siren style, mid-century print ads for cruise & cocktail jewels, and late 80s /early 90s retro razzle-dazzle all set the mood.

The collection is split in to 3 little families, launching throughout autumn 2023

This first focuses on smooth, double sided leather medallions, with chic chevron cut-outs. All available in 4 sizes - each with its own tropical print in gold, inspired by different types of palm tree.

The second drop features mother of pearl. Tropical Deco inspired panels of lustrous shell veneer are mounted on to strong, lightweight bamboo and laser-etched with graphic palm prints, in bold, contrasting black, and lacquered with glossy clear resin to protect & accentuate the shimmer.

The final installment gives more lustrous graphic etched mother of pearl, more shiny gold Palm-printed leather, but this time adorned with juicy rainbow clusters of specially selected gemstone, vintage coral & glass beads.