T O K E N S . O F . A F F E C T I O N . B R O O C H


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This new seasonal collection is an ode to expressions of endearment. 

Romantic notions of the Victorian era, as seen in Valentines cards, and sentimental keepsakes, now find new form in decoupaged leather ensembles.

Symbols of friendship, peace, love, and romance abound. This brooch, the signature piece of the collection, shows an envelope of sweet tidings being carried on the wings of a dove to its recipients eager hand, against a backdrop of a full red heart and a posy of roses.

Each element is made separately from fine coloured leathers, before being combined to form a whole. The dove, the letter of love, the hand, its lace cuff are all individually embossed with gold foil, the heart laser cut from deep red leather, and the roses and forget-me-nots cut from soft leather, stiffened and formed by hand.

Whether to celebrate romantic love, or loving friendship, may this piece bring joy to your heart!

Leather (cowhide & pigskin), gold plated brass findings. Brooch 102 x 67mm.

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