B O N I T A . B A N A N A . N E C K L A C E


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Bunches of bonita bananas in collaged yellow & blue leathers are printed with streaks of shiny eye-catching gold. This show-stopper of a necklace mixes three bunches of bananas with a selection of mother of pearl, glass & chalcedony beads, reminiscent of cartoon eyes, in a joyous jangle of charms.

Created especially for a cultural exchange pop-up event in Hankyu Department Store, Osaka, this mini collection was designed in response to an "identity box' sent to me by my exchange partner, Japanese fashion brand RBTCXO. Amongst the pile of objects & ephemera in the box was a small dried pomegranate, a large stuffed patchwork banana, an iridescent vinyl wristband, some monochrome drawings of birds and a bag of assorted googly eyes. Though literally a mixed bag of components, I translated these motifs in to a collection of enchanted fruit adornments in a classic Rosita Bonita mould, but incorporated new-to-me materials to reflect RBTXCO's playful and textural designs. Natural meets unnatural, soft meets hard, matt meets high shine, beauty meets humour and tradition meets the future.

Each bunch 32 x 34mm, 5mm thick. Necklace 41cm long. Approx 18g 

Leather, gold plated brass chain, mother of pearl, glass & chalcedony beads.

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