L U C K Y . C O I N . P E N D A N T


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A simple gold leather coin is suspended from a fine glistening golden chain, foil-embossed with either a lucky cat or a lucky horseshoe & clover, the Orouboros (ancient symbol of eternity), or an Eye/Sunrise design.

Across many cultures, the wearing or carrying of gold coins is often thought to bring about good fortune. Our lucky-coin-laden range of earrings & necklaces are an unusually lightweight and non-jangling take on a gypsy classic...

leather, gold plated brass & steel.


Lucky Cat & Horseshoe coins are 26mm diameter.

Orouboros coins are 22mm diameter

Sun / Eye coins are 18mm diameter.

All coins are approx 2.5-3mm thick.

Chain 16"


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